Election Fraud in the 2000 Presidential Election

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Evidence of fraud in the 2000 Florida Presidential Election

The outcome of the 2000 U.S. Presidential election was reduced to the outcome of a very close vote count in the state of Florida - within hundreds of votes - between Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore.

Is George W. Bush a legitimate winner of the 2000 Presidential Election?

George Bush is the legitimate winner of the 2000 Presidential Election. Learn how Al Gore and the Democrat Party lawyers and officials tried to steal the 2000 Presidential election and almost got away with it. Learn how the Democrat Party machine worked feverishly to disenfranchise nearly 200,000 legal, legitimate Florida voters including thousands of military personnel, while claiming that "every vote must be counted" and that Bush and the Republicans were stealing the election.

Election fraud in seven Florida counties may have provided more than 1,400 fraudulent votes for Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential election, reducing George Bush's vote lead to a mere 300 votes after the second machine count. Furthermore, this fraud eliminates the possibility of any accurate vote recounts.

After completion of the first machine vote count, the Democrat Party officials knew that the election was close enough to be stolen using their standard procedures, and they knew exactly how many votes they needed to either add to Al Gore's count or subtract from George Bush's count.

Votes could be added to Al Gore's count by punching new holes (and dimples to be counted by hand) in "none of the above" ballots that indicated no vote for any candidate for President. Votes could be subtracted from George Bush's count by punching new holes for Al Gore or any other candidate for President in ballots voted for George Bush, thereby "spoiling" and invalidating those ballots.

Statistical Analysis

A rudimentary statistical analysis indicates that this discrepancy occurred between the first and second statewide machine vote counts. Because the second vote count was a machine count, most of this discrepancy probably involved modifying ballots by marking new votes (i.e., punching new holes).

Therefore, the first machine count plus the count of the overseas absentee ballots is the most accurate count, and all of the later manual hand vote recounts will include this fraud, plus any new fraud and inaccuracies that occurred after the second machine count, and any fraud that occurred before the first machine count.

Election Fraud

Those intent on committing election fraud prefer ballot tampering techniques rather than miscounting techniques, because ballot tampering destroys the original evidence while miscounting preserves the original evidence. Miscounting techniques are used when ballot tampering and other techniques that have a permanent affect and destroy evidence have failed to yield sufficient fraudulent votes to steal the election.

The election fraud between the first and second machine counts does not include the disqualification of large numbers of overseas absentee ballots from military personnel. Furthermore, it does not include the mishandling of ballots and misinterpretation of ballots with no vote for president (i.e., none of the above) as votes for Al Gore during the manual hand recounts.

Statistics can be used as a form of forensic evidence. Statistics can be used both to determine if something unlikely or practically  impossible has occurred, and to describe the likelihood of such an occurrence. In the O. J. Simpson murder trial, the murder trial of the twentieth century, the prosecution used genetic test results and statistics to describe the probability that blood found at the murder scene would match someone other than defendant O. J. Simpson.

The Fraud Factor is a numerical measure of the likelihood and amount of election fraud that was committed by specific Florida counties in the 2000 presidential election between George Bush, Al Gore, and other candidates.

The Fraud Factor is defined as how many times more "new found votes" Al Gore received than expected in the second machine count, relative to his original vote count, than George Bush received relative to his original vote count. The Fraud Factor is used to compute the number of unexpected, or fraudulent, "new found votes" that Al Gore received in the second machine count.

Put another way, the Fraud Factor reflects how many times more "new found votes" Al Gore received than expected in the second vote count, relative to how many votes George Bush received in the second count and how many votes both candidates received in the first count.

Thus, a Fraud Factor of 15 indicates that Al Gore received 15 times more "new found votes" than he should have received based on how many "new found votes" George Bush received, and based on the original distribution of votes between Bush and Gore after the first machine count.

When examining the tables on the pages linked below, note how many original votes Al Gore received relative to George Bush's votes in the first machine count, and then make the same comparison for Gore's and Bush's "new found votes" in the second machine count. The discrepancy is obvious.

This is not simply the result of loose chads reflecting actual votes randomly falling off or being removed during the handling and manual recounting of ballots. This must be due to one or more fraud sources including ballot tampering and/or miscounting.

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